Art Project "CHOPSTICKS"

This exhibition is one of two artists at polar extremes. This art project explores how products, as artworks, can enrich and bring color to everyday life and become part of an artist’s canvas. The show will exhibit how each object can transcend its individual sensitivity to be bestowed with a new value. 

For each day to be greeted with art (in the form of a toothbrush); or for spontaneous moments of creativity to be enjoyed through portable art (in the form of lace tape): eight artists across for four countries. They have created an environment where one can feel intimacy with art, and they have taken it from Asia to the world.

Find your daily art!

For what we do
sense, gabriyolly, Satoko Go
Tadaomi Shibuya Tiger
Kahori Maki, gabriyolly
Kentarou Tanaka
Masahiro Hiranuma
Tadaomi Shibuya
Satoko Go, Masahiro Hiranuma
Satoko Go, gabriyolly
Satoko Go, gabriyolly
Satoko Go
Masahiro Hiranuma
Kahori Maki

New York Exhibition

Tadaomi Shibuya × Go Satoko

Hong Kong Exhibition

Kahori Maki × Gabriyolly 

Taipei Exhibition

Yoshinori Sakamaki a.k.a. sense


Kentarou Tanaka

Shanghai Exhibition

Masahiro Hiranuma


Chika Takei

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