My artwork is a culmination of my affinity for anime, graffiti and nature and oscillates somewhere between “Pop Surrealism” and “Street Art”. We live in an era of unprecedented global consumerism and mass production. Living in Asia, it’s impossible to ignore the giants of manufacturing, the enormous infrastructures accommodating containers filled with goods nor the countless cramped skyscrapers housed with workers that ship them. There is a mechanized pulse here that demands compliance and is fueled by productivity. My work is equally informed by navigating these commands as it is by my attempts to quiet them. It isn't without a bit of humor, that I’ve chosen ware items as a substrate for my current collection. There’s a beauty in infusing value into something so mundane as a basic canvas tennis shoe or tote bags; a bit of poetry in cherishing the ephemeral. What matters most to me, is doing something purely for the sake of expression. The organically derived character, Lu, is in essence, a catalyst for this type of rebellion; an embodiment of an idealism that champions the virtues of originality and optimism and serves as a reminder to celebrate the impractical.

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